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We Value Your Feedback

OvaTools stays at the forefront of Assisted Reproductive Technology with the help of our industry leading instructors and vendor partners. We are a passionate, outcome-driven group with a unique combination of ART knowledge and experience. We help our participants achieve the highest results by providing the best hands-on IVF training, in the most advanced laboratory setting in the industry with leading professionals.

In order to continually improve, we also want to listen and learn from our participants by collecting extensive evaluations and feedback of our program. Below are few testimonials we have received. Thank you all. We look forward to helping you, help others.


recent testimonials:

"I will be vitrifying in the near future and loved being able to learn how to be successful."

"The most valuable part of the course was the one-on-one time I got to spend with Dr. Kathy Miller along with all the tips/tricks/suggestions she was able to give me to improve my future ICSI success rates."

Student learning on the TrakJector Micromanipulator in one of our recent courses.

Student learning on the TrakJector Micromanipulator in one of our recent courses.

"I was able to give my colleagues a presentation regarding everything I learned to help them improve their outcomes as well."

"The one-on-one time was amazing."

The one on one training was the best part. Dr. Kathy Miller & I worked on my weaknesses, and by the end of the day I had accomplished everything that we planned

“The teachers were fantastic. They are extremely knowledgeable, I loved the tips & tricks they showed me.”

The environment was very professional and the stress level was minimal. It was the perfect learning environment.”