ICSI & Assisted Hatching

ICSI & Assisted hatching courses AUGUST 15-18 IS NOW OPEN


Each participant receives one-on-one training to develop knowledge and skills in:

  • Usage of equipment associated with ICSI and assisted hatching

    • Microscopes

    • Manipulators

    • Lasers

  • Supplies and medium associated with ICSI and assisted hatching

  • Techniques of ICSI and assisted hatching

    • Set up

    • Sperm selection and immobilization of sperm

    • ICSI

    • Assisted hatching: PZD, Acid, Laser

  • Labeling and processing of biopsied specimens

  • Recordkeeping and reporting of results

  • Quality control, quality assurance and proficiency testing

  • Laboratory safety

  • Regulatory compliance