Latest Teaching Experience at the OvaTools Training Institute for Andrology and Embyology

Kathy Miller Training at the OvaTools Training Institute for Andology and Embryology.

I just finished my first teaching session at OvaTools Training Institute!  As the need for qualified and trained staff increases, the Institute is a bright light in the darkness.

The Institute provides real, hands-on training at a State-of-the-ART training facility. Students report returning home to your labs feeling comfortable and confident in their designated module topic.

 OvaTools is located in sunny Ft. Lauderdale.

It is a short scooter ride from beautiful sandy beaches and the fun of Las Olas district shopping, restaurants, and museums. The location has moderately priced hotels, and sessions end at a reasonable time that allows you to enjoy the fantastic city.

Everything is a short walk, or Uber ride away! Yes, there is a Starbucks across the street! Taking a few days from the lab to learn, enhance or certify your skills is a treat in any location, but why not take in the palm trees and ocean breeze as well?

The teaching/training staff are some of the most seasoned embryologists I have ever met or worked with. They travel across the world working in different labs with different techniques, equipment, and staff. They have seen it all.

The fundamentals MedTech and Dr. Kathy Miller can provide is invaluable if you are looking to standardize your systeM

Teaching can be customized to your labs system and most of the time your equipment. Also, if you are looking at getting more experience with different toys, this is the place for you! It was really fun to play with so many hoods, microscopes, micro manipulator systems, and incubators!

Each module includes the skill you have enrolled to learn, but also equipment, problem-solving and corrective action feedback. Students are challenged beyond the task and given mock “not ideal” scenarios to work through!  

And the teachers come up with some doozies! Even if you are coming to the school for a competency assessment or a skill “brush up”, OvaTools can make sure you achieve progress and continue to grow! We work on real specimens and mimic actual laboratory conditions.

Also, we provide a friendly place to ask questions.

Those things you ALWAYS wondered why we do but were afraid to ask, can be explained in a safe environment at OvaTools! You get valuable feedback on techniques that will help you enhance your skills when you return to work.

Although there are many ways to perform a task, our teaching/training base is a standardized system that will be echoed in a manual for the student use during their class and later at home.

Students also learn valuable tips and tricks for success in the lab. There are some great lectures, but most of the modules are mainly comprised of hands-on student learning. Check out our training modules.

 By the time you have completed the course, working experienced embryologists will have progressed in their module and, in many cases, be able to start in clinical rotation. Those seeking a career opportunity in the IVF industry can get real-world exposure to IVF and decide if this is a career path they wish to pursue.

OvaTools provides training forms, feedback, and data for review by your physician or lab director. I was amazed at the students this past week and how the furrowed brows on Thursday turned into happy and relaxed smiles by Sunday!

They left feeling competent about their skills and ready to use the knowledge and experience they obtained!

Register for our next training course today!  


Ashley Wong

MedTech For Solutions, Inc